Window Inside Window endlessly

I am using the sample app to integrate zoom into my website.

The thing is working perfectly until the last phase i.e when I click leave meeting the index.html window now appears inside the iframe.

  1. This is how it should look after entering the meet id and password. (Perfect)

  2. On exiting the meeting the index.html now comes into the iframe window and this happens endlessly and now you can enter a meeting inside this and this can go on endlessly.

The same thing also happens sometimes in case of low internet speed. (This is something that has troubled a lot)

Thanks In Advance,
A. Manideep

Hey @noneofyourbusinessge,

Since the Web SDK was not designed to be used within an iFrame, it could have some issues.

I suggest not using an iFrame when integrating the Web SDK.


How to use the SDK outside of an iframe, I need to emebed it as shown in the pic. Without an iframe is it still possible?

Hey @noneofyourbusinessge,

As of now the Web SDK defaults to take up the full page.

You can attempt to change the sizing / positioning of the Web SDK via CSS or JavaScript.


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