Window Zoom SDK : How any specific user should join that meeting as Host,

Meeting schedule by Admin, How any specific user should join that meeting as Host

If the user(For example, user A) that is going to join the meeting as host is not the one who schedule the meeting, you could set up alternative host when scheduling a meeting. If the user A is an logged in user in SDK, the user could directly start the meeting. If the user A is not logged-in, you will need the retrieve the ZAK token from Zoom API to authenticate the user without login.


Hey Carson I have a similar scenario. We have a Java application creating a meeting via Zoom API. We would like our new Windows Zoom SDK application to join this created meeting, but we don’t really need a host. So I think we have two options and I was hoping you could tell me which option is best.

  1. Start an instant meeting and have one of our Windows Apps join as host (this would have to be done with ZAK I’m assuming).
  2. Start a scheduled meeting and use join_before_host option, all Windows Apps would join as participants and there would be no host.

Are there different benefits to either of these options? I tried to join as host with your demo app using RestAPI Without Login option, and it still gave me the “wait for host to start meeting” prompt. If we use a scheduled meeting without a host, do we need to worry about the meeting ending unexpectedly?

Thanks, Garett

Hi @apdevuser,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and pardon the late response. Both options could work for your cases, but the #1 option might have more benefits since if there is no host in the meeting, there are no host controls such as recording, mute/unmute all, lock meeting, remove attendees etc. So you will have less control over your meeting, if something happens(Such as unexpected attendees joins), it is not possible to remove the unwelcome guest if there is no host.

If you would like to use join before host, please make sure you are not enabling waiting room since when the waiting room is enabled, the join before host will not work:

Hope this helps. Thanks!