Windows Zoom client blocking MediaDevices.getUserMedia

This may not be the best place to ask this question and I’m happy to be pointed to a more appropriate place if needed.

We have an issue with the Windows Zoom client (5.4.6(59296.1207)) and a web application our team is writing which accesses the web cam via the Web API MediaDevices.getUserMedia

During a Zoom meeting with the camera turned on, my web application is unable to access the camera and gets the following exception:

DOMException: Could not start video source

This scenario works fine when we use MacOS so it only seems to be a problem on Windows. Is there any reason why this is failing on Windows and is there a way that it can be resolved?

Which version?
Windows Client 5.4.6(59296.1207)
Windows 10 Home

Hey @peterj_richmond,

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So are you using the Zoom Windows SDK for the Windows portion of your application, and the Zoom MacOS SDK for the Mac portion of your application? Or are you using the Zoom Web SDK?