Would I be able to contact a developer

I’m planning to publish a zoom Oauth app asap.
I went through all the docs and most of the queries in the forum.

Still I have few doubts to be clarified. I would like to have 20 minutes at most with someone asap.
Please do the needful.

Thanks & Regards

Hi @harydas ,

Happy to help. Can you please respond with a list of your questions here and we can discuss next steps?


Thanks @gianni.zoom

I would really appreciate a feedback asap.

My objective:
Fetch the details of live participants from a live meeting

I have a website that contains profiles of people like facebook/linkedin. When someone, pays me they can access the profiles from my website. I would like to implement an Oauth app.
After integration the app redirects to my website, where that someone would be able to look whether the live participants in his/her meeting is in my website.
That someone , ie the customers of my website will be conducting these meetings not on my behalf, but independently and individually on their own behalf.

  1. I’m thinking this would not suit an account-level app, would it?
  2. If not , can I achieve my objective?
  3. If I can, I may need to create an user-level app. But they cannot access dashboard endpoints right?
  4. If so , how can I fetch details of live participants in an user-level app
  5. if that beforementioned someone, lets say X who is my customer, who has integrated and authorized my app,
    will he be able to get the list of live participants, if he is not the host of the meeting he is in?

Hey @harydas,

Thanks for following up with more information here. As you mentioned, when it comes to getting information about a live meeting, you’ll want an account-level app in order to use the Dashboard APIs.

When using an account-level app you can get information about meetings for any user under your account. Not just the host/admin that installed the app.

I hope that helps!


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