Wrong aspect ratio for first renderVideo

This is the state where the smartphone user’s first startVideo is executed with two users participating. The aspect ratio is strange.

The second startVideo is displayed with the expected aspect ratio.

what’s the problem?

const startVideoOptions: CaptureVideoOption = {
  ptz: mediaStream?.isBrowserSupportPTZ(),
  originalRatio: true,
  hd: true,
await mediaStream?.startVideo(startVideoOptions);
useEffect(() => {
  (async() => {
    if (!(mediaStream && videoRef.current && isVideoDecodeReady && otherUser)) {
    const canvasElement = videoRef.current
    if (otherUser?.bVideoOn) {
      await mediaStream.renderVideo(canvasElement, otherUser.userId, 0, 0, 0, 0, VideoQuality.Video_720P)
    } else {
      await mediaStream.stopRenderVideo(canvasElement, otherUser.userId);
}, [mediaStream, otherUser, isVideoDecodeReady]);

Which Web Video SDK version?
@zoom/videosdk”: “1.7.5”


  • Device: MacBook Pro
  • OS: macOS 13
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version 112.0.5615.137


Hi @r.kita ,

I want to make sure I clearly understand what’s going on; the user is seeing a distorted ratio view on their smartphone or Macbook Pro? If it’s on the smartphone, are they experiencing the same issue when joining from a browser?


Hi @Rehema,

Attached is the browser screen on the smartphone side.

The first is when there are two users.


The second is for a single user.


Updating to v1.7.7 solved the problem. thank you very much!

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