Wrong topic registered in sequential CreateAMeeting API call

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Create a Meeting API

One of our users created 2 meetings sequentially, with different topics. But when they started the meetings, both had the same topic.

UUID for affected meetings

  • gpyMCCeQRl21u6AndTH/sQ==
  • 6LkF5lk2QT6SMyRzo00fYQ==

We checked the response for CreateAMeeting API for both meetings and they had correct topics (say, meeting_an and meeting_b), but checking the topic now from Zoom console, they both have the same topic.
Why was the topic changed? Was it any kind of a bug?
More detailed information contains customer information, so please send me a DM.

No error message.

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3. Any errors
We did not succeed in reproduction.

Could I get some help, please?

Hi @tech-zoom_zp
Allow me to do some testing on my end and I will get back to you with an update

Hi @elisa.zoom
Thanks for checking!
Have you found anything already? Please tell me if you need any more details!

Hi @elisa.zoom

If I remember correctly, the logs can only be checked for 2 weeks, and these events are nearing 2 weeks now.
Would you hurry up investigation, please?

Hi @tech-zoom_zp
I was able to track down the meetings and I can see how they both have the same topic but different meeting ID.
Do you have the request body and response body you sent when creating these 2 meetings that you can share with me and/or the tracking ID of the requests so I can escalate this


I’ve sent all the information we have in DM.
DM_link: https://devforum.zoom.us/t/re-recording-completed-webhook-did-not-arrive/91629/7?u=tech-zoom_zp