Xcode 12.3 can't build project with MobileRTC framework

Xcode 12.3 can’t build our project which includes MobileRTC.framework. The error says following message. Xcode 12.2 works fine.

Building for iOS, but the linked and embedded framework ‘MobileRTC.framework’ was built for iOS + iOS Simulator.

We can’t build it not only with Simulator, but device.
I found this topic in Apple developer forum. This issue is same.

It says 3rd party library must be built as XCFramework.
We uses ios-mobilertc-all-5.2.42037.1112-clientlog.zip library.

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Same problem. Xcode 12.2 - works fine.

Build settings -> Validate Workspace set YES. It’s helped me


Hey @POLYGLOTS_Lesson,

Thank you for using the dev forum!

I apologize that this error is happening in the SDK. We will investigate this issue and I will update this thread when it is resolved.

In the meantime, the device-only version of the SDK works with Xcode 12.3.
@alexeymilakhin’s solution also worked for me. Thank you @alexeymilakhin!


Hi @Michael_Condon

Thanks for the @alexeymilakhin 's solution.

Hi! Is there any update for when this bug will be fixed without having to use @alexeymilakhin’s work around?

Hey @dbianchi,

We just released a new version of the SDK, (.1229). Can you please try this version and see if you are still experiences Xcode 12.3 issues?
Note, this version of the SDK and future versions will be available on the Zoom Marketplace instead of Github. To download, log into the Zoom Marketplace, navigate to Build App -> SDK -> Download -> iOS.


Hi, the same issue still exists.

Hey @dbianchi,

Thank you for checking on this. I will inform the team.