XCode 12.4 and use of fat binaries (xcframework support missing)

With Xcode12.4 you we cannot build our product linking the fat. binary for simulator and device anymore. Please read Breaking Changes with Xcode 12 and XCFramework

Which iOS Client SDK version?
latest version

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Build any sample for iOS simulator using the zoom sdk’s fat binary (device + simulator)

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Additional context
We need XCFramework support.

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The latest version of the SDK is provided as an XCFramework and is no longer a fat framework. However, another developer here: Xcframework does not contain arm64 - #3 by lucas has been experiencing issues building to simulator on the latest version using the M1 chips. The team is investigating. However, the latest version should build to device.


@Michael_Condon Thank you for the response. I was not able to find the XCFramework. Could you please provide a link?

Hey @raptor.flaps,

Sure thing! The frameworks are no longer located in the GitHub repo and have been moved to the Zoom Marketplace. Log in with your developer credentials, then click Develop → Build App → SDK → View here → Download.


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