Your request is blocked by security policy

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

We are attempting a get all users call.

When attempting to hit the API Endpoint using a JWT, I receive an unexpected error message, which I have outlined below. There is very little info on a google search to help me resolve this, and a search on the -1 error code informs me that I should reach out to support.

“status”: false,
“errorCode”: -1,
“errorMessage”: “Your request is blocked by security policy.(SupportId: 8045051973736361911)”,
“result”: nil

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. URL is linked above. Our headers are:
Authorization: Bearer
Accept: application/json
user_agent “”
2. Authentication method or app type
3. Any errors
Listed above.

@derik which API endpoint are you trying to call?

Hi Ojus,

I linked it in the post, but it’s the get all users:

@ojus.zoom Sorry I forgot to tag you, but I answered your initial follow up for this bug.

@derik sorry for the late reply.

This seems weird. Does it happen everywhere? As in if you try to call the API from POSTMAN vs trying to call from your code. Alternatively, please open a ticket with developer support, with the title “Attn to Ojus” and I will get right on it.


Hey @ojus.zoom,

This is actually something I’m seeing from free accounts. We have an integration to open zoom bridges on behalf of our customers with zoom accounts, and some of our free test accounts are seeing this error. It hasn’t been reported by customers at large, so I have a feeling it may be some kind of rate-limiting bug or something. I haven’t tried from Postman, but I did do a call from my local console and saw this error message, so essentially the same thing.


please open a ticket with developer support

Are you talking about priority support via our own paid zoom account? Or is there another place to open up a ticket besides here?