Youtube video is not audible while playing


We are trying to play a Youtube Video and a video on our mobile phone using Android SDK.

While sharing the screen, the participants are not able to hear the audio of the video. We have tried the options: Share Screen, Web URL

Are we missing something?

Android SDK: 4.6.21666.0429

Hi @helloparent,

Thanks for the post. The Android Client does not support sharing the audio while sharing the screen, so the Android SDK does not support this feature as well.


Hi @Carson_Chen

If audio is not shared, then there is no point playing the video. Is it expected anytime near future?

Hi @helloparent,

Thanks for the reply. I have forwarded this as a feature request to the client team, in the meantime, please submit a feature request here as well: Once the Zoom client has this feature, then the SDK will have it.