Zoom android meeting sdk audio settings

Did zoom android meeting sdk has audio settings to enable/disable noise suppression?

we saw there is an option on android zoom’s own apk named as “Use Original Audio” with description “This will allow you to enable or disable original sound in a meeting, Original sound will disable noise suppression”
On our customized app, we would like to also have this option, since we have some sound issues, not sure if related to this option.

But I didn’t find this option on StartMeetingOptions or JoinMeetingOptions, is there any other settings can access to this option, looking forward to your kind help

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

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Hi @syang19, while the Meeting SDK does support original audio, I do believe the settings to enable it are not yet implemented into the SDK. This may need to be added through the users’s Zoom.us / client settings.

I’ll work on getting this added to the SDK’s roadmap

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