Original_Audio on Android and iPhone SDK

Hello we are working with a few Zoom Engineers and they asked us to post here:

We understand that Web SDK does not have original_audio toggle and have tried to work around this.

On Android and iPhone we enabled the “original audio” through the SDK,

Disable/Enable mic original input.
option on both iOS and Android using their respective SDK. We play audio from a soundboard to the tablet or phone and listen to the results through the meeting on another device.

On both android and iPhone toggling our custom switch to turn the Boolean True/False for this device seems to have NO effect on the sound coming through the audio jack of the device and being broadcasted through zoom to the devices we are listening on. We are sending audio INTO the device using a 3.5mm headphone jack (with a dongle if necessary)

In fact through all of our testing we have ONLY seen an audio improvement for original_audio on the Zoom Client when we enable that option there.

Are we missing something besides the original_audio" function"? Should we enable other features or functions?

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Hi @andrew_amann, thanks for using our SDK!

Calling into the associated method should be achieving the end result you are looking for. It’s difficult to speculate on what could be causing this to not work without context around your implementation, though. Could you please provide code snippets showing how this feature is being disabled on both Android and iOS as well as when/where this is being done relative to the start of the meeting in which you are testing?


Hello Jon,
Thank you for your reply. Here is a video of our setup and code:


Hi @andrew_amann, thanks for the video outlining your use case.

As far as I can tell, you are correctly implementing this in your app (assuming the methods shown in your video are called directly from the OnClickListeners of those views).

Some general debugging questions so we can look into this and try to reproduce on our end:

  • When you test this using the Zoom client, are you signed into the same account using the same device as when you are testing through your own app?
  • What are you enabling in the Zoom client when you see a difference?
  • What differences are you expecting to see in the audio?
  • What device version/OS version are you running?


Having the same issue here. Any news regarding this problem?

Hi @hardc0der,

Can you please explain exactly what issue you are seeing? Be sure to include which platform you are using, the SDK version, any relevant code snippets, and the steps to reproduce the issue you are facing.



Using IOS SDK v5.5.12509.0401
Code snippet is like below:
guard let ms = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingSettings() else { return }
let status = ms.micOriginalInputEnabled()


  • Start playing music from external souce.
  • Start meeting from IOS device -1
  • Join meeting from another device (IOS device -2)
  • Enable original sound.
    → This makes no difference on sound on IOS device - 2 (I’m using built-in mic and speaker of both devices)
  • Disable / Enable original sound. → Still no difference.

When I make the same test using Zoom app on same environment and devices, I can notice a significant change on sound from IOS device-2

Hi @hardc0der,

Thanks for the extra context. Can you please open a new ticket over on our new developer support site and include the SDK logs so that we may investigate? Once you have created a ticket, please let me know what the ticket # is.

Also, are you seeing this on Android as well or only on iOS?


Thanks for reply @jon.lieblich
Ticket ID is: #11372097
This is currently only for IOS valid. We didn’t implement it on Android yet.

Hi @hardc0der,

I see your ticket, but there are no logs attached. Can you please add the SDK logs?