Zoom android sdk integration in android dynamic feature module

I am trying to integrate zoom android sdk in my project.
I don’t want my apk size to become bigger, So I am trying to integrate zoom sdk as android dynamic feature module.
While adding library to dynamic feature module I am getting error-
“Android resource linking failed”-9-66:58: AAPT: error: resource style/ZMTheme.Transparent (aka com.amar.mytest:style/ZMTheme.Transparent) not found.

in generated manifest file of dynamic module.

Hi amar.gupta,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. I will forward this to our engineering team and we will investigate the case you are mentioning and get back to you shortly.


Has any solution to this problem been found? I am having the same issue. It works fine if both libraries are included in the base project, but by including them in the dynamic module, this error arises.

Thank you.

Hi ativsoftware,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Currently we do not have any solution for using our SDK with the dynamic module. So our SDK does not support dynamic module at the moment.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

@Carson_Chen Is there an update for the dynamic-feature-module. Any documentation or such, The app size is too big just because of the SDK, any other alternative we can use?

@sa159871, unfortunately I do not have any update regarding the dynamic feature module. If you would like to reduce the size of the SDK, you may add abiFilters in your build.gradle to remove the unused files for the different CPU architectures.