Apk size after adding Android Zoom SDK

I know there has been several posts about this before, but none of them actually answered what the actual size growth should be after integrating the zoom sdk for certain architectures.

I need to include armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a in my app.
These are my apk sizes for different configs.

APK with no Zoom: 11MB
APK with Zoom armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a: 97MB
APK with Zoom arm64-v8a: 71MB
APK with Zoom armeabi-v7a: 47MB

In your integration guide you say that the footprint of the SDK is 20MB, so what have I done wrong because these sizes are way above 20MB even if I only include one architecture.

Or have you just not updated the integration guide and the sizes growth I have in my app is what is expected?


Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the post. The information on the app size in the integration guide is outdated. I will forward this to the doc team to update it as soon as possible. Pardon the confusion.


i am facing the same Issue but the size of my debug apk has become 185mb which was 5 mb before integrating Zoom SDK. If the integration guide is updated ? Please let me know .


Hi hemantkushwah1888,

Thanks for the post. Our Android SDK is 89MB at the moment, and it includes all the required files for different architectures. You could add abiFilters to reduce the size.