Zoom API calls for real time transciption content stream

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I would like to be able to stream the contents of a webinar or call real-time into different apps so that we can integrate the transcript with our internal systems such as Microsoft teams. This will allow our employees to discuss sensitive issues on internal systems as opposed to zoom and therefore reduce our risk of security breach and allow us to preserve the data as well. It would also allow for employees who have auditory issues to join in on the conversation.

Describe the solution you’d like
API calls to stream the real-time transcript into other apps. The API would need to be able to separate and identify the different speakers and their messages as well as the speaker’s language. For example, we would need to be able to query for a certain speaker’s messages, be able to order them chronologically, and also get all messages from all speakers chronologically.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Third-party closed captioning has been considered but it would add an additional and unnecessary level of complexity and cost. We have also considered creating transcripts post-call/webinar but this means that those with auditory issues could not join the conversation real-time and from a security perspective we are not permitted to save sensitive company data/conversations on third-party platforms, such as zoom.