Zoom api fails or succeeds with "502 bad gateway"

We use the following endpoints


Suddenly today I got an error “502 bad gateway”.

So we try several times with exactly the same conditions (apikey, apisec, token, etc.) and it succeeds.

But sometimes it fails.

What is happening?


Seeing the same behavior - consistent 502 with a couple 200s peppered in the logs. starting at roughly 12/10 08:38 UTC

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got the same error randomly

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Yes. I also got the same error randomly for the first time after a long use of API.

Please tell us what to do ASAP.

Because our websites are no more functional.

We are also seeing 502 errors that began last night.

The Zoom status page shows all is well…but it isn’t.

Have noticed this in the error response, so perhaps the problem is Cloudflare and not Zoom:

I don’t use cloud fare, I’m using just a basic server.
but the problem is there. So it’s a problem with the ZOOM server, I think.

If anyone has a solution, please inform us too. :slightly_smiling_face:

The entire internet pretty much relies on Cloudflare.

The gmail outage currently ongoing is probably related to it as well:

Oh, may be. my bad :grinning:
Did anyone try to check on localhost?

It isn’t that you use Cloudflare, it’s that Zoom does.

OO now I get it thanks

The Gmail status page gives a description of their issue, but they don’t mention Cloudflare.

So the problem could be specific to maintenance Zoom did last night at Denver that impacted their Cloudflare service:

We’re also seeing the bad gateways on API calls.

We are getting same 502 bad gateway errors, on api calls randomly. Cloudflare page shows 502 for https://api.zoom.us/v2/users

Hello, is anyone at Zoom going to fix your API’s 502 errors?

Also experiencing this consistently since 12:40 AM PST. Our integration is completely unusable for our users.

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Seems someone finally woke up at Zoom after 15+ hours and made a fix, our integrations seem to be working ok at the moment

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Confirmed that our API integration is back to normal as well.

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Hi @all
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
I am sorry for the inconvenience that this issue might have caused, I am happy to hear is now resolved and I will go ahead and look into this further so I can share more details of what could have being the issue here.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

@hanataba , thank you for reporting this. @RobertYeager , thank you for following and updating everyone here.

@zoom34 , @songsong , @maliyadeva781zoom, @ryan , @kurumsal , @blichtman , @zoom34 , and all,

Between 12/09/2022 11:50 PM PST - 12/10/2022 3:40PM PST, a subset of users (some users on one cluster) saw API traffic fail with a 502 error. We posted a status on this here:

Note, this status page says creating and updating Meetings / “joining via API integration”; many folks here will see it was not joining meetings, but instead the API as a whole for the Meetings product (including things like users). Pardon any confusion on that wording.

Ideally, we would have both responded here and posted a status page sooner than we did. In addition to improving resiliency in these integrated services, we are working to improve the monitoring services of these APIs. In the ideally unlikely event that an issue like this occurs again, our team will work to make sure we get information out as quickly as possible and sooner than we did in this incident.

I’m sorry for the disruption and appreciate the information shared by everyone to identify the issue. Let us know if there’s anything we can speak to on this.