Zoom API /users endpoint generates periodic and frequent 400 Bad Requests errors since Friday Jan 7 2022

Since January 7, 2022 we started getting intermittent 400 Bad Requests errors when using the https://zoom.us/v2/users URL.

Same connected account can work one moment and stop working a few minutes later.

Did something change on that day? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

We have lots of customers connected and today (jan 18 - 9:37 AM) we’ve already received 1,300 of these errors. Other endpoints work fine.

Again, to clarify, these errors are intermittent meaning the endpoint sometime works and sometimes doesn’t for the same connected account.

Received error 400 Bad Request from https://zoom.us/v2/users?page_size=300

Which Endpoint/s?

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Hey @fred ,

Can you please try the base URL of https://api.zoom.us instead of https://zoom.us ?



Yes, that did the trick. Thanks @tommy :grin:

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Welcome @fred ! :slight_smile:


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