Zoom Api for creating user without verification email

Hello i want to create users in my app without sending verification links to mail. I have a an enterprise account for zoom. While hitting create user api with autoCreate action. i get the below error. I want to know how to enable managed domain for my app.

“code”: 1116,
“message”: “Domain name doesn’t match. Please contact the Zoom Customer Support to set managed domains for your account.”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

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Hi @healthdataanalytics, here’s our support article on setting up Managed Domains. Contact customer support if you need any help with this :slight_smile:

Hi @michael.harrington

I don’t see Managed Domain and Associated Domain on my Account Setting. How I can enable it?

Hey @nhat.nguyen,

Follow this guide for managed and associated domains:


@tommy Oh. My plan is Pro. so it is not appear? How I can list all whitelist domain. I try use yopmail to add user through API, and got error 1107 :smile:

Hey @nhat.nguyen,

For more help around Managed and Associated domains, please reach out to support.zoom.us.