Zoom API - new password requirements


@tommy hopefully you can answer this :slight_smile:
We’ve just implemented the support for new password requirements.
However, we don’t notice any difference if we pass this password to the create meeting/webinar API or not. It seems as if we don’t generate this password ourselves and pass it with the API call, Zoom generates the correct password for us. If we do generate it ourselves, it works as well.

Can you please clarify if or when are we supposed to generate this password and send it when creating a meeting or webinar?

Also, how do the recording password requirements affect the downloading of Zoom Cloud recordings? We use the download link sent to us in the recording completed webhook event. How does the new recordings password requirement affect that?

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Also, I’d like to know if user enables their " Require a password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI)" and sets the password to some 8-characters long password. Are we supposed to use that password when creating a meeting/webinar through the API? Or should we generate a random password 10 characters in length?

Hey @tkrevh,

If the password is not set by you in the API call, one will be generated for you. You basically just want to make sure you are using the join_url with the password in it.

The meeting passwords will not affect the cloud recordings. The cloud recording password logic has already been released.

If the user has already set a password for their PMI, and no password is set when creating the meeting, it will use the PMI password which is returned in the create meeting response.

Does that answer your questions? :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy thank you for getting back. So if I understand this correctly, if we create meetings and webinars via the API, we’re not required to pass any password in the API call (regardless of user’s settings), and API server will create one as per user’s account settings if it is required? (so if they don’t require a password in their settings, no password will be created?)

Hey @tkrevh,

Correct! If you’d like, take a look at the writeup I did showing how the passwords work with the Create Meeting API: