Zoom API POST sending Invalid CORS request


I am trying to go through Zoom API’s on POSTMAN. I am able to use the GET API’s without any issue, but when I try to call a POST API like Create User, Meeting etc. It is throwing an error Invalid CORS request,


@Harshit, please refer to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38778083/postman-resolving-invalid-cors-request-for-a-post-request


Add interceptor extension to chrome, then enable it. Then add a “Origin” header to your request as below:


Origin     https://developer.zoom.us


@harris Thanks for the quick response. Works now. One more thing I need a master developer account where I can add sub accounts for my clients who will be using Zoom. How do I get access to the free trial for the same.


@Harshit, now master account feature only available for paid account, so please upgrade  your account.


if you are using postman to rest call…then plz make sure that you are postman must be updated and refer v2 steps in postman