Zoom API to verify setup and validity of live meetings

I am checking to see if there is any Zoom API that can verify the setup and validity of live meetings before large meetings or conferences in zoom.

Could you please provide an update? Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @sasidharchadalavada , can you please clarify what you mean by verify the setup and validity?


for example if events are booked weeks or months in advance, there is a chance that the meeting id/link get expired even before a meeting actually start starts. So is there a way we can use API endpoint to verify the meeting ID/Link validity. To make sure meeting is not expired even before we join.

Ahh I see. You can use the Get a Meeting API endpoint. If the meeting is expired, it will say meeting does not exist in the response: Zoom Meeting API

Thank you,

Thank you Gianni, this helps.