How can I use the Meeting API (Get/meetings/{meetingId}) for Meetings I did not create

Hey! I have been trying to use the get Meetings api for meetings I have not created but I am unable to get any data. Do I need to get the zoom app on marketplace first to accomplish this task? Please guide me.

@abdullah.sajjad what do you mean by meetings you have not created?

Thank you for your reply Chun!
When I say meetings I have not created, I mean meetings someone else created and provided a link for me to join. I basically want to verify through the API if a meeting link is valid and can be joined publicly before I join the meeting. I hope this clears any confusions.

You are not allowed to query meeting number outside of your account

Is it possible via the Meeting SDK and if the application is listed on Zoom Marketplace? An application called Participants for Zoom can join a meeting through a meeting link so I thought it might me possible to validate a meeting link via the SDK?