Zoom APIs for Seamless Voice Interaction

Hello everyone,

I am excited to share my project involving a voice bot designed to conduct job interviews on Visio conference platforms like Zoom. The voice bot has been trained to simulate real recruiter-led job interviews, where it asks questions and evaluates candidate responses to determine the next steps of the interview process.

To achieve this, I need the platform to provide APIs that allow me to manage the flow of the interview seamlessly. Here are the key functionalities I am seeking through APIs:

1-Joining a Zoom meeting using the interviewer’s host account.
2-Capturing the candidate’s audio responses and feeding them back to the voice bot.
3-Sending voice responses from the voice bot to Zoom, allowing the interviewer to deliver them.

While researching similar topics, I found some discussions dating back to 2020. However, I believe Zoom’s APIs have undergone significant development since then. As someone new to setting up APIs, I would greatly appreciate your input on this matter. Specifically, I would like to know which APIs are most suitable for achieving these functionalities and whether it is possible to accomplish them using Zoom’s APIs.

I am grateful for the excellent developer documentation provided and look forward to your valuable insights.

Best regards,