Zoom App Approval

We re-submitted our Zoom app 4 days back after making the required change that was asked by the reviewer in the review document. Yesterday, the reviewer marked our comment as resolved in the document but after that we did not receive any other update from Zoom. Our app still shows as “Waiting for approval” in the Zoom app marketplace. So, we would like to know how long do we need to wait for the approval. We are eagerly looking forward to the app approval.

About our app:
The verification token:

Hey @Neelinder,

What is your app name?


Hi Tommy,

Our Zoom app got approved.
Here is the link - https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/ZnJuyGwgR1aWvwUaGiNEUg

Thank you,

Neelinder Atwal

Hey @Neelinder,

Great! Thanks for building with Zoom! :slight_smile:


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