Zoom marketplace App Approval

Hi team,

We have submitted our Zoom app document for the approval. As we have launching of our product today which will be necessarily required the Zoom app to create meetings. I request to speed-up the approval process so that we can proceed with our product launch.

Our Zoom app URL: App Marketplace

Hi @classmitra

Welcome to our community and thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you confirm with me the name of your app and when did you submit it for review?

Hi Elisa, sorry for the delay. Our name of the app is " ClassMitra". We had submitted it with the TDD this week Monday.

Thanks @classmitra
I will reach out to the Marketplace team about the status of your application and will come back with an update shortly.

Hi Elisa,
Thank you for your response. We had to change the name of our app to “YogaMitra Zoom Plugin”.
We also received an email today from Zoom review team. They had given us some pointers which we have completed and shared again with the team. Please do let us know if anything else is needed from our end.


Team Classmitra

Amazing @classmitra
Happy to hear that you got an update from the Marketplace Team!
Let me know if you need anything else from me

Just want the review process to be faster, as we are already delayed with our launch. Thank you so much Elisa for all your help and support

Hi Elisa, we are still waiting for reply from Catalina(Our app reviewer) since Monday. We really need to get this approved asap, we are holding our launch for this only, our platform is majorly dependent upon the Zoom meetings integration. Kindly request you to look into it and get us moving :pray:

Hi @classmitra ,

Our marketplace app review team is moving through the process as quickly as possible. It may take longer than one business day to complete the review. Thank you for your patience.


Hi Gianni, it has been over 5 days now but we have not received any response. I understand that it takes time but we are really delayed and we cannot even put a coming soon page because Zoom app review will require production test. Please understand our situation and try to push it on priority. New submissions take time but this has been going on since 20th June and now its 1st July. I hope you can support us in this situation. :pray: