Zoom App developing on Linux (Ubuntu)

Hi there, I tried to run sample js app (GitHub - zoom/zoomapps-sample-js: A Hello World Zoom App built with Vanilla JS) and following this guide (How To Configure the Basic Zoom App Sample - YouTube), everything works on macOS, but not working on Ubuntu (version 20.04), Zoom client version is 5.12.2 (4816). I don’t see my app in apps list and it’s doesn’t appears in Zoom Client. Is it possible to work on Linux or is there some restrictions?

@maksim.shlapak I’m happy to help get things running on Linux! Do you see any server errors or client-side errors when installing the app?

@maksim.shlapak Thanks for your patience! I spoke with the team and it looks like Zoom Apps aren’t supported when using Linux. While this isn’t currently on our roadmap, we may reconsider this support if we see a strong demand going forward.

Got it, thank you for response!

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