Zoom app gets kicked into the background when admitting participants from waiting room

Hi, I am new to android development. I am using Zoom SDK to build on top of my project. For some reason when I try to admit a participant from waiting room enabled meeting, as soon as I press admit, the zoom app on my android device gets kicked onto the background(which means my android device gets to its home screen), the meeting keeps running in the background but there is no way for me to get back to the zoom app. So I was wondering, if there is any specific event that happens from Zoom SDK side when we press admit to admit any participant in the meeting, so that I can catch the event and handle it properly. I see even in the waiting room enabled meeting the MeetingJoined event happens even before admitting the participant.

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Using the lates sdk

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Hi @jasmineakkal0316,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. When a participant is being admitted by the host, the participant will leave the waiting room and rejoin the meeting, this is by design. If your app goes to the home page when the meeting activity has finished, it could be your app’s activity is finished as well. You may leverage the interface returnToMeeting to go back to the meeting UI or you could leverage the meeting notification.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,
Thanks for the response, I’m kind of blocked due to this. If possible could you please point me the interface you are talking about in the SDK code? Or any other pointers .
Immensely appreciate your help.


Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for the reply. I forgot the provide the interface link, my bad. Here is the link to the interface MeetingService.returnToMeeting(Context)(https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-android/us/zoom/sdk/MeetingService.html#returnToMeeting-android.content.Context-)

And here are the usage of this interface in our demo apps:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

Thank you for your response, I tried incorporating returnToMeeting(this) interface but it didn’t help. I saw when I try to join a waiting room enabled meeting my app goes to onMeetingStatusChanged() method in MyMeetingActivity. It then goes from MEETING_STATUS_INMEETING to MEETING_STATUS_RECONNECTING to MEETING_STATUS_IDLE. So, I am calling this method https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-android/blob/master/mobilertc-android-studio/sample/src/main/java/us/zoom/sdksample/ui/LoginUserStartJoinMeetingActivity.java#L286-L300 on the case MEETING_STATUS_IDLE which is helping to me to show meeting ui currently after admitting any participant. But it still is pretty random, when it fails to get back to the meeting, the logs read as below:

06-02 05:13:06.102  4501  4501 D MyMeetingActivity: zoom onMeetingStatusChanged MEETING_STATUS_IN_WAITING_ROOM
06-02 05:13:06.853   569   675 W Eve     :   top=us.zoom.zoompresence/.inmeetingfunction.customizedmeetingui.MyMeetingActivity launching=false

06-02 05:13:06.853 569 675 W Eve : prev=us.zoom.zoompresence/.ui.InitAuthSDKActivity screen_on=true thermal=0
06-02 05:13:24.198 4501 4501 D MyMeetingActivity: zoom onMeetingStatusChanged MEETING_STATUS_INMEETING
06-02 05:13:24.198 4501 4501 D MyMeetingActivity: zoom in my meeting activity MEETING_STATUS_INMEETING
06-02 05:13:24.268 4501 4501 I MyMeetingActivity: zoom in refreshToolbar method
06-02 05:13:24.309 4501 4501 D MyMeetingActivity: zoom onMeetingStatusChanged MEETING_STATUS_RECONNECTING
06-02 05:13:24.309 4501 4501 I MyMeetingActivity: zoom in refreshToolbar method
06-02 05:13:24.997 569 582 W ActivityManager: Activity pause timeout for ActivityRecord{40d0f26 u0 us.zoom.zoompresence/.inmeetingfunction.customizedmeetingui.MyMeetingActivity t369 f}

Is it possible to know what I am missing and what is the best way to get it working? Also the examples you sent were for APIUserStartJoinMeetingActivity and LoginUserStartJoinMeetingActivity, can you guid me what is the difference and which one is more relevant to me I am going to use the sdk in my android device and using zoom client or an android device to admit the participants. I am extremely thankful for your help.


Hi Carson,

Any update on my above post? Thank you in advance.


Hi @jasmineakkal0316,

Thanks for the reply. Are you using Custom UI? If so, you will need to add the full class name of the meeting UI in the config.xml(For example:https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-android/blob/master/mobilertc-android-studio/sample/src/main/res/values/config.xml#L11), if the meeting UI class is not found, then the interface returnToMeeting will not work.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hey Carson,

Thanks for your response, I am not using any custom UI, I am trying to plug returnToMeeting interface in MyMeetingActivity.java. Could you elaborate a bit please how can I plug in into that ? Also, the above implementations examples you sent doesn’t have the class mentioned in the config.

Jasmine Akkal