Android - joinMeeting window opens BEHIND current activity

I would like my Android app to be able to join an existing zoom meeting. I have a cloud notification message that is received with a meeting identifier.

However when I call joinMeeting() similar to the Android example code, the zoom activity is BEHIND my current activity, where I want it to be in FRONT. Any suggestions for how to fix this problem? The only difference appears to be that I insert a dialog when a call is received asking if it is OK to answer the call.

Hi Matthew,

You can try to use returnToMeeting method in MeetingService to bring meeting screen to foreground.


Hi ,

can we use this method when using custom UI. In custom UI when meeting go behind, the notification bar don’t show the meeting info.

Hi oguzhan.kivrak,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Calling the returnToMeeting will not work in custom UI, you may refer to the implementation in our demo app for the expected behavior:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Team,

I’m facing same issue. the zoom activity is BEHIND my current activity only notification is visible.

please help me here

Hi @eryogesh,

Thanks for the reply. The Zoom activity is a normal activity so the order is controlled by your app.

Hope this helps. Thanks!