Zoom App Manual Domain Verification Required

A couple of weeks ago I can posted here: https://devforum.zoom.us/t/re-domain-validation-fails-nextjs-zoom-app/106286 about needing two domains manually verified in order to submit my company’s zoom app for marketplace validation. Unfortunately, after completing the steps messaged to me to validate, I’ve been unable to followup and determine whether this has been completed. If someone with Zoom support could assist me with completing the process it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Just bumping this since I’m still not sure hows to proceed. If someone from App Marketplace support could please assist me with manual Domain Validation, it would be much appreciated. Based on their forum inactivity I don’t believe the original person helping me is still active on this board. It’s our last step before submitting our company’s app to the marketplace so we would like to move forward whenever we can. Thanks!

Just bumping this again for the same reason. The original zoom team member hasn’t responded since his original emailing of instructions about a month ago. I completed the instructions but haven’t been able to get any more information or determine its status since. I would definitely really appreciate any help with this domain verification since it is what is blocking us from deploying our zoom app. Thanks! Domain Validation domainvalidation

Hi Daniel, happy to help here. Can you share the name of the reviewer who started this process with you? You should be able to find it in the DM they sent you.

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