Zoom app submission: 400 Error

We are getting this error on submitting app for security review -

“code”: -1,
“status”: 400,
“error”: “Bad Request”,
“message”: “Invalid URL: https://”,
“timestamp”: 1714061442011,
“trackingId”: “MP_126d0c0f221a461a9bebaeb2b47d01c1”

Hello, @vishal5 does the error occur when you hit the submit button? You need more information on your exact steps before receiving the error.

Regards, Kwaku

yes, @kwaku.nyante this is happening on hitting the submit button.


  1. My app is currently in security review stage
  2. Got some feedback for that to resolve, we fixed it and wanted to re-submit the app.
  3. Validated the domain
  4. Filled in the details for the app notes for reviewer mentioning the security issue is resolved with additional details.
  5. Check boxed the terms and condition and box mentioning that all the details are correctly mentioned (We did not changed anything from previous versions in app details)
  6. Clicked the submit button.

Firstly we used to get 500 internal server error, we raised it to the zoom community form. It got closed one day and we retried the same steps then we started getting 400 error with Invalid URL: https:// message.

This is pretty weird, we did not changed anything on the zoom marketplace app details over a month since the security review started and no zoom facing change in our product as well.

Would highly appreciate any support here from the community and team to resolve this so we can submit the app for security review and get our app submitted.


Hello, @vishal5 can I please have the name of the App to take a look and see.

Regards, Kwaku


App name - Default


Hey @kwaku.nyante ,

Any update on the above?


Following up on this thread – can we get support on re-submitting our application for review? What information can we provide to help? @kwaku.nyante

Hello @vishal5, I would need more information than that. There are over 5000 apps called default, so I can look into it.

Regards, Kwaku

Sure @kwaku.nyante , Sharing the href to the app - App Marketplace. Let me know if this will work.

Hello, @vishal5, since it’s not published, that won’t work.

Regards, Kwaku

@kwaku.nyante, can you please let us know what information we should share in order for you to help us? We remain blocked in our submission process.

I sent a DM please confirm the information I sent.

@kwaku.nyante Hey there! I don’t think we received the DM you mentioned. Would you mind resending it directly to my account? I’d love to confirm the info and get moving forward!

Hello, @vishal5 @mhedefault Did some testing on my end and I think I might have resolved the issue. Please try it and let me know if you can submit it now.

Regards, Kwaku

Hey @kwaku.nyante, Its working fine now. We are able to submit, Thanks for the help really appreciate it.