Zoom Apps for iOS

I recently saw that we can now run zoom apps on iOS:

From the Zoom for iOS Changelog:

November 7, 2022 version 5.12.6 (5317)

  • Zoom Apps for iOS
    Users can now collaborate using Zoom Apps before, during, and after Zoom meetings. Zoom Apps must be installed through the Marketplace directly or on the desktop client, before they can be accessed on the mobile app. This requires version 5.12.6 and not all apps will be immediately available, as app developers must meet some additional requirements set by Apple.

Lots of questions follow. I hope to have these answered soon, or when the updated Zoom App SDK is released. It looks like the Zoom Apps SDK docs are not yet updated to reflect these changes. Latest Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.6 was released on October 20th, 2022.

  1. I’m curious how methods like sendAppInvitationToAllParticipants will work across desktop and mobile. If a desktop host initiates this, will mobile clients receive this and be able to install?

  2. I am assuming that there is no plan for a way to install Zoom Apps on iOS directly in order to avoid complications with Apple policies. If so, this is a good thing, as I really would not want to have to go through any sort of Apple App Store review process and potential have them want a cut of any money transaction.

  3. More specifics about the parts of the Zoom App SDK that currently work on iOS and do not. I assume that immersive apps are not included.

  4. Anything that can be shared about a general timeline for Android?

Thanks for your time! I appreciate the work going into improving this platform!

I’m still getting the information about the other points in your questions, but the team is aiming for Jan 2023 to support Android.