Zoom Calling on Website Plugin

We have a small website running on a game which is coinmasterspins.net. The game is based on free spins links which constantly keeps changing. Also the links keeps getting stolen as well.

We are looking forward to have a small plugin type where users can click on website and join us on zoom chat. Please let us know if there is any.

And sorry as we do not know much about development. May be it sounds stupid

Hi @coinmasterspins.net, thanks for using the devforum.

Your use case seems valid, however the area of the forum you have posted to is for the mobile SDK only. For questions about the web SDK, refer to #web-sdk.

Additionally, keep in mind that, while we will do our best to help all users of the Zoom SDK, the scope of what we can assist with is limited to usages of the SDK. It may be worth heading over to our support page to see if your desired behavior is achievable without writing any code since you mentioned you’re unfamiliar with software development.