I want to integrate the Zoom into my website


I am looking for a way to integrate Zoom with my website.

I want to enable video communication with a web browser without Zoom_launcher.exe. By the way, when I look at the Zoom document, all video calls appear to be possible only on Zoom’s website.
I think that the APIs seem to be just what I need to update the information to use Zoom’s website.
Do not you provide a WebRTC-based API such as Tokbox or Vidyo?




We do have a web based client for you to use without having to download the desktop or mobile client. - https://devdocs.zoom.us/docs/web-client

We also have a Web SDK - https://devdocs.zoom.us/v1.0/reference#web-sdk




Thank you for your comment.
I checked two links about your comments.
But key functions of two links are different.

And if I used to call join during the function, it will come into the room like this, but no video or audio output.



The key functions of both links are related when launching Zoom via the browser. Would you be able to explain further your use case? You mainly wanted to launch Zoom meeting within the browser correct?



are there any updated links for this? It looks like both links are broken. Thanks!



this are not present


api doc https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/sdk-reference/web-reference