Zoom Chat bot config with OAuth

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Zoom Chat Bot App configuration page
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The Redirect URL for OAuth from my server also need OAuth authentication, too. May I know where can I specify those headers in your portal? Thank you in advance.
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Redirect URL failed because the credential didn’t set up correctly.

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Try the local test, then failed.

Hi @boting.ding
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you please share more details on the issue you are facing?

The url in the field redirect url for Oauth also need Oauth from my end, how do I specify our clientID in your portal?

We externalized our url but still need authentication to access our end.

Are you creating a Chat Team App?

No, I am creating Chat bot. https://developers.zoom.us/docs/team-chat-apps/build-a-team-chat-app/

@boting.ding Oh I see! We recently renamed our app so Chat Team App === Chat bot :slight_smile:
Could you please share more information about the issue you are facing?

So, in the tutorial, there is a step called getChatbotToken . Similarly, I also need to generate token to let Zoom access my node.js server since my server is host in internal network. Where can I setup or implement such functionality?

We need OAuth to call our server’s API , how do I set up in your developer config page?

Hi @elisa.zoom , do you have enterprise level solution for chat bot? I can’t use ngrok.io and Heroku. May I know who should I contact with? Thank you in advance.

Hi @elisa.zoom , I didn’t get response from you for a while. May I know the update regarding my question? Thank you in advance.

HI @boting.ding
sorry for the late reply, once you authorize your app in the Marketplace via the Local test Added button, you will be authorizing your app and will be able to authorize it on your server

Hi @elisa.zoom , I am sorry it is not the answer I am looking for. My questions is our enterprise didn’t allow to use ngrok.io and Heroku. Do you provide other solutions for case like mine? May I know who should I contact with? Thank you in advance.

Hi @tommy , I followed the tutorial you wrote about building zoom chatbot and encounter a series of issues. Could you take some time help on this? Thank you in advance.