Zoom client Meeting SDK minimise meeting freeze while click the mini screen

I have integrated Zoom client meeting SDK default features.

I have tested default sdk feature and hosting working fine . but when I try minimise meeting on setting - app freeze

for reference attached video link: Minimize meeting screen

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?


Hi @amrutha.veluthakal,

Based on the video you’ve provided, the minimize meeting feature is not causing the app to freeze. It is only happening when navigating within your app. Do you have any evidence indicating that this is an issue with the SDK?


HI @jon.zoom

Thanks for your update.

May I know what is the purpose of “Minimise meeting” feature using SDK?

After minimise zoom meeting while click small meeting screen not view full screen at end of video.at time app freeze .

Hi @amrutha.veluthakal,

This feature allows you to minimize the meeting UI, as seen in your video.

In the video you provided, your app does not appear to be freezing due to the meeting being minimized. It is freezing as you are navigating in your app. If you find any evidence of this being an SDK issue, please let us know.


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