Zoom Client Minimum Version

On August 6th, 2022, Zoom is enforcing a minimum version of 5.3.0 across Zoom Clients due to a critical security vulnerability in our backend. As a result, users using a Zoom Client below 5.3.0 will no longer be able to join meetings, in addition this will impact integrations that are using the Meeting and Video SDKs.

Zoom Meeting SDK impact

Users running apps on native platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows) based on the Zoom Meeting SDK version below 5.4 will not be able to join meetings and must upgrade to the following minimum versions:

Platform Version
Windows 5.4.54524.1229 (Released 12/29/2020)
MacOS 5.4.54518.1229 (Released 12/29/2020)
iOS 5.4.54520.1229 (Released 12/29/2020)
Android (Released 12/29/2020)

Meeting SDK for Web is not affected.

Admins and owners can:

  • Use the Zoom Dashboard to view users under their Zoom account who are using versions below 5.3.0.
  • Enforce their users to use a minimum client version. Log into your Web Portal and follow the instructions in Requiring users to update Zoom.

As always, we highly recommend that you visit Zoom’s Marketplace as well as review our Changelog for details to regularly download and update to the latest version of the Zoom SDKs in order to provide a more secure experience and deliver increased efficiency and compatibility to your users. If you are using other Zoom products and services, please look out for an additional email with more information.

Thank you for your partnership as we continually work to make our platform more secure and deliver a better experience for our customers. Please feel free to reach out to the Zoom Developer Support Team if you have any additional questions or need assistance to update your organization.

Hi, @shariq.torres my react-native app uses the zoom sdk, will it be affected by this update?
It got confusing as it talks about ‘impact integrations that are using the Meeting and Video SDKs’ and ‘running apps on native platforms’

@fernando.moobi Yes it would. This falls under the Video SDK post here (Zoom Client Minimum Version | Important!).

ok thanks!, is that my app with the previous version of the SDK is still working, so I was wondering if it would be affected.

You may start noticing disruption with your app if you have not upgraded to atleast 5.4 by Wednesday.