Zoom client SDK

Is there a way that I can know before starting a meeting that my account is active on another meeting.
For example if I am in a meeting in desktop, before starting a new meeting on a device I can get some kind of indication that my account is already in a meeting. Right now the only way to figure out that is to start a new meeting on a device then there is an alert warning stating ‘you have another meeting going’.

Hi @testapp12345321, thanks for using the dev forum.

If there is an ongoing meeting that must be closed before you can join a meeting, the onMeetingNeedColseOtherMeeting callback will be triggered.

Alternatively, I believe there is an API endpoint that would allow you to query this. For more information on that approach, please see our API docs. If you require any additional assistance with the REST API, feel free to post to #api-and-webhooks and one of my colleagues well-versed in our APIs will be happy to help on that front. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much for Jon, I have been able to trigger the callback of onMeetingNeedCloseOtherMeeting but to trigger the callback I have to start the meeting. I am looking for a way to know if there is a to find out if the zoom account is already active in any meeting before starting a meeting.

Hi @testapp12345321,

Unfortunately, that callback is the closest thing the SDK has to what you are looking for that I am aware of. If that does not meet your requirements, I would recommend checking out our REST API for alternatives. The links provided in my previous reply should offer all of the resources you need to begin exploring that option. :slightly_smiling_face: