Zoom create meeting api

Hello. I want to create meeting for user using OAUTH scheduler as in different time ranges in specific day in a month( or week) . How could i do? For each time range should i request to zoom to create meeting?

@kenansharifov400, Hope you will be fine. You need to create a recurrence meeting with a fixed time {type:8}.

Here are the sessions on how to create Zoom Meetings using REST API.

Create Zoom Meeting - (REST API)
How to create a Password-Less Zoom Meeting.

If anything is still unclear please share. Thanks

Yes i know. But , zoom api gives me ability to schedule only one time range in a day for weekly rescheduling. But i need multiple time range in a day for weekly rescheduling. Can i solve it to make loop for request?

@kenansharifov400 You can build a loop of requests. You are already scheduling a type:8 meeting?

Can you please explain a bit more about :point_down: