Zoom default video screen pauses when app puts in background (by clicking home button)

I have integrated default zoom sdk in one of my android application and I’m facing issue with zoom video capturing when I manually puts app in background by pressing home button.
I know that I can control this If I could use customized zoom ui but as I want to use default one and just wanted to know how I can still be able to capture through my camera even If my apps in background.

Appreciate your support.

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Hi brijwork844,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The video will pause when the app is going into the background, this is by design and follow the behavior of Zoom client. I am afraid there is no way to bypass it under Zoom default UI.


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Thanks for informing.

Let me know if any other questions. Happy Zooming!

Hello there! Even though this might look silly, this little bug might be very useful. Some students face the problem of teachers nagging them to switch on thier videos while they might be in an awkward situation. This is handy to a lot, and we request you not to fix it. Great app though

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Hi @bnithin19bm,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and sharing the info!