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I’m working in ingesting Zoom logs and I’m trying to ensure we’re not duplicating logs. It appears that there’s no unique identifier for each log other than the timestamp.

I’m wondering if the millisecond timestamp offers enough granularity to be a unique identifier? If a user performs a two actions at the same time, is it possible there will be two identical logs?

If timestamps are not unique, I’m considering creating an index of the position of the log within each page and I’m wondering when the data settles for Zoom’s REST API? From testing, it appears that new logs are added to the beginning to the response. Will there ever be a situation where logs will be added to another position in the list, or are new events always prepended?


Hi @amp3
Thanks for reaching out to us.
This is a great question. Please allow me to do some testing on my end and I will get back to your with an update.

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@elisa.zoom Any update? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @amp3
Thanks for your patience here, from my testing, it looks like the timestamp is pretty accurate and they do come in order of execution.
I do see how an index number or an ID could be helpful.
Please add that suggestion in our feature request section

Thanks @Elisa! I appreciate your help and will add a feature request for a unique identifier!

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