Zoom Events lifecycle & beyond

We are studying Zoom Events for future scopes,
utilize it to organize Events from the Zoom Events portal.

We have a few doubts that need clarification before going further:

  1. What’s the Lifecycle for Zoom Events support from Zoom Marketplace and Team? Deprecation plans in the near Future?

  2. I have come across Zoom Events API documentation https://developers.zoom.us/docs/api/rest/reference/event/methods/#overview. So, the plan is to integrate it in our apps & webapps.
    Is it public or private API, meaning can these APIs be accessed without having Zoom Events Subscription?

  3. Do Zoom Events APIs required to be deployed over our servers or can we access it directly from our apps?

The Zoom Events API documentation is a public API that anyone with a Zoom developer account can access. However, you will need a Zoom Events subscription to use the Zoom Events feature.

The Zoom Events APIs can be accessed directly from your apps, but deploying them over your servers is recommended for security reasons. This will help ensure your data is protected, and your user’s information is not exposed to potential security risks.

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