Zoom API Event scopes not available for server-to-server OAuth

I have a seemingly simple goal of using Server-to-Server OAuth to allow a web app to authenticate with Zoom API, and then list all events associated with the account, ref: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/event/methods/#operation/getEvents

I have created a Server-to-Server OAuth app in the marketplace, and added a few roles that I thought may be needed, but noticed there is nothing related to Events. When running my code, I am able to authenticate to Zoom API, but I cannot perform the: GET /zoom_events/events

I receive an error stating that I need a scope called “zoom_events_basic:read” which is not available in the marketplace app.

How would it be possible to list events? I do not want user interaction for authenticating to Zoom. The end goal is to display a web page with a list of upcoming events, and then a registration form to handle the pre-registration via Zoom API for a selected event.

Thanks for any support!

Hi @jason9 the Zoom Events webhooks should become visible within Marketplace if you have the Zoom Events plan enabled on your account. Can you confirm this is true?

If yes, while logged in, open up a ticket with Developer Support stating you need Zoom Events flagged on your account so you can enable and receive the related webhooks on your application(s).