Zoom gallery view is not working iweb sdk when I am using it in iFrame

I am using the Zoom Meeting Web SDK, but the gallery view is not working when joining a meeting. The “View” button is missing. I am using an iframe for the Web SDK.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?


have you enabled SharedArrayBuffer in the iframe and the outer html page?

Yes, SharedArrayBufferis enabled

typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’ return true

Now, For panelist ‘View’ button is visible and they can see gallery view and attendee does not have ‘View’ button and gallery view.

Panelist with View button and can see gallery view

Attendee without View button

in the Panellist you can activate Gallery View for the Attendee View


I have already tried that, its not working.

try testing with the host and TWO attendees at the same time

does the view button appears now for the attendees?