Zoom in and Zoom out a video inside zoom meetings

We are going integrate zoom mobile SDK for our video conference related app. Everything is fine but we are expecting zoom in and zoom out a video when we are in a meeting.is there any property for zoom in and zoom out the video inside a zoom SDK?

Everything is fine means you know how to switch the view from active speaker to gallery during the meeting?

i dont know about that. i just want to know zooming the video functionality in the mobile sdk

Me too. I slowly regret touching the zoom mobile SDK. Many basic functions not available and support not very responsive… For Mac you even have to install an old version of XCode.

Okay. other functionalities provided by zoom is enough for us. but I want one major functionality zooming control I don’t know if they provided or not that why I asking the forum

Hi arigarasuthanp,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you using iOS SDK or Android SDK? I don’t think we have the feature to zoom in and zoom out exist in the Zoom iOS and Android clients, so our SDK does not have this as well. May I inquire about more info and the use case for this feature so that I could forward it to the product team and investigate the possibility of supporting this in the future?



Do you have the feature to zoom in and zoom out in Windows 10?