How to zoom on zoom meeting with Android camera?

To whom it may concern

I want to implement the function to zoom video camera on Zoom meeting with the Android Zoom Meeting SDK.

I have 2 questions:

(1) Does Android’s Zoom Meeting SDK provide a function to zoom the video camera during a Zoom meeting?

I have checked the following forums and release notes.

If there is an official way to provide this, please let me know.


Release Notes:

(2) If the above is not possible, is there any other feasible way?

Also, if the zoom function of the video camera is on the development roadmap, I would like to know the approximate timing.


Hi @yuta.ikoma, thanks for using the dev forum.

Unfortunately it is still not possible to control the video input’s zoom level. The closest thing to this that we have is adjusting how the video is displayed on the receiving end via MobileRTCVideoUnitRenderInfo, but that requires a custom meeting UI implementation and there is no way of enforcing that all users joined the meeting via a specific SDK app.


Hi @jon.zoom

I apologize for the confusing question.
But here I asked a question about Zoom Video SDK.
The question is not duplicated.
Could you please reopen it?


Hi @yuta.ikoma,

Based on the content of your other topic, I do not believe two separate topics are needed for this. The feature you are looking for is not supported by the SDK. Also, as noted in our documentation, the Meeting SDK is the only SDK that is compatible with Zoom meetings. If you have any questions specific to the Video SDK, you are more than welcome to create a new topic in the #mobile-video-sdk category. Otherwise for any follow-up questions related to this topic, I will be more than happy to help in this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


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