Zoom Integration into my WordPress site

Is there in API , (Free or Paid) which can help me in doing.

I want to create meeting - webinars from my site’s backend WordPress Dashboard with Zoom , also the calendar should be synced.

Thank you

Hi @vibhor.purandare, thanks for posting & using Zoom!

Use our Webinar API to create webinars from any backend service, including PHP/WordPress. You may have to import the schedule information to a third-party calendar service, but all Meetings & Webinars can have their scheduling information returned via API.

Hey @vibhor.purandare
You can refer to the Zoom WordPress Plugin offered by us, here is a guide specifically for setting up the Zoom Webinars on WP.

Though, the calendar sync feature is not present in the plugin right now.

Thanks for sharing @elearningevolve!


@michael.harrington hope this seamlessly zoom integration with WordPress / Woocommerce, hope this will help you.

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


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