Setup zoom meetings on my website

I’d like to host webinars on my website MyBlackmart for specific users, is there any API or anything like that which I can add in my wordpress blog and users who paid the fee can join the webinars. I want this to be on automation, I don’t want this thing to consume my time. Your help would be highly appreciated!

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Have you been able to resolve this? I want to be able to schedule zoom meetings from my website (only for my clients) seeing a calendar and availability. Does anyone here know a way to do this?


Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Currently, there is no API that can be added to your WordPress blog to filter paid/unpaid customers. However, you can set up webinar registration and hide the registration page behind a paywall. Here is an article I’ve found on how to Create a Paywall With

You can then programmatically add webinar registrants via API, and they would receive an email letting them know about the webinar, with a link to join it:

Let me know if this helps to answer your questions.


interesting topic,
can it be used to generate individual link that only one registrant can use so sharing the link is not possibe?


You can register meeting participants and distribute the unique join URLs. Note, anyone with access to that link can join the meeting via the generated unique URL.

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