Zoom Integration

Hello Team

We want to integrate Zoom in our interactive education portal.
Regardding this we need clarifications regarding

1,Which type of app should we register in market place
JWT or OAuth

2.Did Chatbot suits well for our needs.That i mean for our interactive education portal

  1. In our case just in the begining stage i used JWT app and i cannot find the way to get refreh token.

Hi @palanirajan70,

Happy to help you.

A. You can only publish an OAuth App in the Zoom Marketplace

A. This would depend on your use case. Can you elaborate on that in detail so that we can provide you with recommendations?

A. If the JWT token expires, you would have to generate a new one using the Client ID and secret

Hi @Ojus

Thank you for your clarifications.I mistakenly mentioned as portal.Ours is a Learning management software.Here we want to integrate zoom for interactive class room system where the Tutor delivers his lecture online .The tutor should be able to view the video of selected students and interact with them.

You can consider using our Web SDK