Integrate educational appwith zoom for online learning

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We have an educational software for which we are trying to integrate with zoom. I have already created an app in zoom and enabled jwt authentication. How do I set up zoom for multiple clients. There are too many terminologies in zoom and each one is pretty confusing like master account, sub account, host , user etc. Please let me know in detail , the steps involved to setup zoom for all our clients. Each client is a school with many teachers and students. Do I have to create a new host per teacher/ new sub or master account for a particular school/ a new user per teacher and student via api? I have already gone through apis but I don’t understand how to implement this scenario for my use case. Please clarify this as it would be of great help. Thank you and stay safe!
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Hey @vishalvk93511,

Let me know if the education integration model I have spelled out here helps:

Or another alternative is to use OAuth, which allows your clients to use their existing Zoom accounts, meaning you do not have to manage the creation of Zoom accounts.


Thanks for your reply Tommy. Please correct me if I am wrong, irrespective of any school, I just have to create a basic user for every staff using the users API and share the url with students so that they can join using the join URL. Also, what is the host mentioned in the pro account? I am not able to understand that. If I have 10 schools as my customers , how many pro account(s) do I need to create?

Hey @vishalvk93511,

Yes you can do that, although if they are free users, your meetings will only last 40 minutes.

Hosts are Zoom users who start meetings. You can see the features hosts have for each pricing plan here:

Let me know if you have additional questions.


Thank you Tommy. I still have a few questions, sorry to bother you a lot.

  1. If they are all free users, can they all conduct meetings concurrently? Like can all of them conduct the meeting at 10am at the same time?
  2. Is a Host directly equivalent to a lecturer? In that case if I have 20 lecturers, there are only 9 hosts per account. How to go about creating host for 20 lecturers?
  3. How do I decide the number of hosts that I need?
  4. How do I try out the Pro Plan’s trial version. It doesn’t seem to be available now. It was available a few days back.
    Thanks in advance

Hey @vishalvk93511,


If I understand correctly, you would want 20 hosts. One for each lecturer.

It’s up to you, and how many classes you are running.

You can request a free trial at