Zoom JS SDK | OpenUrl | Accessing Untrusted Web Site

Hi team,

I am trying to use zoom js sdk per zoom’s documentation below. Use case if to have a link in the zoom app which would open up a url in browser. The app does open up the url in browser but throws an “Accessing Untrusted web site” error. I have already whitelisted the url in my app but still the error persists. It works fine for urls which are globally whitelisted by zoom e.g. youtube.com

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Attaching screenshot of the issue.

Hi Mukesh, I just had a similar issue, and it was caused by the query parameters added to the URL the app was trying to open. It seems the URL needs to be URL-encoded before passing it to openUrl, otherwise spaces and other special characters confuse the API.

Thank you Mate. Do you mind sharing example of a perfect url that works just fine when passed to openUrl please.

I had an url like “h ttps://xxx.typeform.com/to/h23g7ev1#name=Máté Rácz”, which didn’t work when passed to openUrl.

After using encodeURI(), the url becomes
“h ttps://xxx.typeform.com/to/h23g7ev1#name=M%C3%A1t%C3%A9%20R%C3%A1cz”, which worked fine.

Hope this solves your problem too!

I tried to put in a url without query string but still the same behavior. e.g. https://xyz.com/abc

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